Monday, December 29, 2008

Russian Professor Predicts Disintegration of US!

A Russian professor, Igor Panarin, who has been predicting the collapse of the United States for a decade has said that the country will break-up into 6 parts by 2010. He names the newly found republics as Atlnatic America, The Texas Republic, The Central-North American Republic, The Californian Republic, Alaska and Hawaii. He termed the current financial crisis as the main reason for the disintegration and said that US debt is a pyramid that is bound to collapse. Full story can be read in the Wall Street Journal at:

Disintegration of a superpwer. Well, doesn't it sound familiar? Didn't it happen to another superpower called USSR, where Mr. Igor himself belongs to? And didn't he work for the KGB? Well, if he saying all this, he must be speaking out of experience and yes, the world must listen. I personally feel that such a disintegration, if it does happen, might not take place so soon. If I were to predict a time frame for such an event, I would suggest somewhere between 2015 and 2020, unless some drastic measures are taken not only in financial sphere but also in the realm of political arena. There is an urgent need to review the country's policies not only towards its own people, but also towards the rest of the world.
United States was able to to become a great country, that it was until recently, not by chance but because of the constant struggle of its leaders like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and J. F. Kennedy. This country rose to the top of the world stage because its leaders believed in hard work, self rightousness, self confidence, belief in God, respect for others and freedom for all. Is the current United States the country those leaders dreamed it to be? With power comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes accountability. There is need to go back to the basic principles that turned the United States into a great power. The sooner it is realized, the better it will be for US and for the rest of the world.


  1. You're forgetting two of the greatest, and my personal favourites: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton!

  2. It's an interesting theory. Whether it unfolds like this or not is probably rather difficult to predict as of today. Nevertheless, the underlying essence of chaos leading to gigantic changes is surely fair to assume.

  3. Right now United States seems strong enough to avoid disintegrating quickly. However, so did we think about Soviet Union. The important aspect here is how well and how quickly they overcome the financial crisis. If it continues to get worse resulting in hurting more and more of the general public, then the anger on the main street will mount and we might hear voices and words never heard before.